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inside bowers & wilkins‘ flagship speaker factory

wenn ich gross bin möchte ich bitte da arbeiten. danke. Advertisements

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rediscovering mystery by noclip

willkommen in meiner welt =) In this special feature about video game mysteries, we talk to Jonathan Blow (The Witness / Braid), Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Jim Crawford (Frog Fractions) about the games that inspired wonder in us as children, … Weiterlesen

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terry pratchett – back in black (bbc documentary 2017)

When the writer Sir Terry Pratchett died in 2015, he was working on one last story – his own. But Terry’s Alzheimer’s meant he never got to finish it. This poignant and humorous film starring Paul Kaye as Terry finally … Weiterlesen

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noclip profiles: john romero’s irish adventure

=) In our first episode of Noclip Profiles we travel to Ireland to talk to John Romero about his incredible career making some of the most influential first person shooters of all time. We learn about his young passion for … Weiterlesen

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doom resurrected (update #1)

willkommen im geschichtsunterricht =)

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